Work hard or smart?

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

As times pass , the generations change .As the generation changes, the trend also changes . Before in this world people used to have many old methods of lifestyle that is very difficult for this current generation to implement . As you can see in 90s the people used to walk kilometers to go for work , school or home . But now its quite impractical , walking miles and miles , when you have plenty of work left to do . So primarily this generation gives importance to time rather than money or health . Since this generation knows we all are gonna die some or the other day , so why have a painful or entertainment lacking life? We try to save time as much as possible . In such cases if you want to save time and still want the key to success to be with you , then you will find it difficult .

Because when you work hard , you need to work on anything for a long time , and you don’t have much time to waste on work ,you have to enjoy life and die peacefully . So if you work smart , you will actually make better use of your hard work . Like when you do some work try utilization time wisely . While working just try to bring small shortcuts and not big one . I said small short cuts and not just shortcuts . Because some people on seeing the word shortcuts , just blindly start taking too many shortcuts , which eventually turn into shortcuts towards failure.

So if you bring small shortcuts like you are writing an essay for your college interviews , that time you will try writing in an english cum grammar corrector software like Grammarly . In such a first you will write there after that you will read it many times , and then write it again in a document form . Instead try installing grammarly add -on with the word / google sheets . So that all your work is done at once place . Buy grammarly premium , so what happens is all correction of your essay is done , along with that it shows the rating of your writings . Mistakes can be corrected in minutes.Don’t worry you don’t need to go far and search in the net for grammarly .

Just try clicking on the banners shown and sign up . If you want , use the paid one else check with the other free pricings .

Okay , so like the example i gave ,make smart working as your main motive during work . I f you work smart , you will utilize things to the maximum amount and do less investments in your work , let it be time or money .

Now the actual topic we have to raise is Why work smart ?

Smart work is the key to most interviews , you can easily crack into many companies for jobs . interviewers select smart people more . Let it be any place , country or company .Like I will say one short real life story . Once before the Kargil war in India , the Indian Airforce had announced for new squad and the first squad for womens . There were many women who appeared . The Indian Airforce selectors being very strict and smart . They made an interview selection . In one of the room on the roof of the training centre . They asked each women to come one by one in to the room. They made them stand on a table and asked them to jump .The table was kept such that it was kept correctly beside the windows. Many women thought the interviewers are asking them to jump out of the window. And no one dared to do that . But one smart woman jumped on the table . The interviewers just asked to jump , not jump out of the window.

Be smart and work smart.

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