What's Blogging?

Blogging doesn't just means writing content . But blogging also means sharing experience about some product , news , travel etc. So basically the question raises is who can blog. Blogging can be done by everyone in any language , but you need to reach the public . The estimated time to get famous is around 6 months . In that six months you have to attract the users , get them back with new offers and hot content , you have keep updating the content , you have to satisfy the needs of the user visiting your blog, never have fake titles for bring visitors and blah blah blah .

So you do need to care about what people comment , you need to have a good tone , that makes the user visualize whatever you tell . Your blogging must be realistic , because fiction can be found on YouTube but blogging is purely communication though a language , where the viewer understands you using your level of use of language . If the level of use is simple only then its better if too high it will make no sense , if too low it will go from the above of the head of the visitors .May be this post go from above of your head , so I want you to comment "#I_understand" in the commenting section to see that your are actively thinking as well reading .

So blogging can be done by anyone , how many blogs survive ? According to me almost some blogs get hit , some on border line , some survive well while some blogs get shutdown . There may be many reasons behind this , read our next posts for understanding why this happens .

Blogging needs a platform like the most famous one blogger.com and wordpress.com , these two are the most leading blogging platforms for you . Blogger.com is free will

wordpress.com is paid one . According to me the wordpress has more features and is easy to use , where as blogger.com is free and doesn't offer much features .And its very difficult to understand the use , but very easy to use.

Blogging can be done on any topic , such as :



3)business tips

4)tech tips

5)Tech tricks






any many others ,

Conclusion : Blogging is not easy ,it requires preparation and maximum level of content and English. It requires daily updates and trending contents

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