The most Dangerous Invention

Lets go back into the time . In the current world the most famous thing that's known to every one is a gun . And today we will come to know about the most famous gun that changed the world of gun development . The invention of Ak-47 was one of the most dangerous and terrific invention. This was absolutely a mistake , this gun was invented for speedy defense .

The invention of Ak-47 has been the turning point of the Weapons world. Because till the invention of Ak-47 , all guns used to shoot a bullet at a time , but when this gun is capable of shooting A dozen of bullets in milliseconds . The man who invented this gun didn't know that this gun would have been a part of many massacre, terrorist attacks and wars. This gun is used by all countries and army groups . Ak-47 is the nightmare that came true . Because of this gun's invention , this killed lots of people in the second world war . being one of the cheapest and best assault rifles this is now easily available or made by any country . So terrorists are making this gun at a large instance , because this gun has been proving the best for their sudden attacks .

Why was this gun even invented , more then speedy defense ,this gun does kill many in just some seconds. This gun has aa magazine capacity of 30-40 bullets , so it kills almost so many people . The inventor of the gun did a huge mistake , working for his country he made a gun , but working against the humanity he made the root of the destructive world . After the invention of this sub machine gun ,other countries couldn't bare the success of One country , and in next five years more better complete machine guns were invented , these guns have capacity of 150 and above capacity of shooting bullets , that also at rate of 10-45 bullets per second. As years passed , the development in this field increased. Now we have guns that shoot grenades at speed rate .

Invention is caused when there is any need . Was there any need of a gun , why humans are so cruel . They are ready to kill their neighboring countries for land and wealth ? Where is the humanity , leave humanity , just killing will solve problems ? Then i say all those who love killing take few guns start killing everyone in this world , at one instance all those whom you don't like won't be alive , but how many would be left After that ?

I say humans are crazy , if world war three comes up , then that would be a nuclear war . It means almost all people , animals and plants will die . The rest which escape the war would die after some days , because of radiation. If the invention of this gun wouldn't have happened then the Humans would have seen a more better and beautiful world .

There is just difference of 1 in 0 and 1 , but this number 1 decides many things , 1 Invention , 1 run , 1 mark , 1 Judgement and many more such things those affect many other things and decide the fate of upcoming generations .

I say Ak-47 was the most dangerous invention of the Millennium. Fighting with swords and arrows was not as painful and dangerous as fighting with guns and bombs .

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