Shri Vajra Swami Story

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

He was as if a born Yogi. His life was a triple meeting point of keeping of glorious monk hood, devotion and recognition of religion. The great thing about him was, immediately where he was born, he knew what he was in his previous birth. From the very first day of his life, he was a loof from the worldly matters and he remained a pure monk for long 80 years. Sunanda was married to Dhangiri of Tumvan city of Avantidesh. Sunanda was very well aware of her husband’s earnest desire for only self development on spiritual front. When Sunanda saw the dreams indicating the birth of a great soul, Dhangiri told her that now she is going to gave a worthy son, he should be allowed to walk on the path of renunciation. Sunanda also like an ideal Arya wife, alloved the husband to go on that path. In Vikram Samvat 496, Sunanda gave birth to a child. The birth of child was celebrated with great joy by Sunanda and the family. Somebody at that time commented that had Dhangiri not renounced the world, he would have been here to celebrate the birth of his son, and that would have been a great event.

The new born child heard this sentence. He realised it and immediately he was remind of his past life. He started crying endlessly lest the mother would with him by her motherly love and affection. He cried for six months day and night continuously and the mother was very much perturbed. She was so upset that one day she gave away the child to the monk Dhangiri. The child, immediately with the father became very quiet after 6 months continuous weeping. The monk Dhangiri came along with the child to his Guru Arya Sinhgiri. The guru saw that the bag of the alms looked very heavy and spoke that oh, the bag is very heavy like a Vajra. Guru then opened the bag and saw that there was a child inside. Guru gave him the name “Vajra” and he was looked after by the monks and the nuns, and the householder.

After 3 years, Sunanda remember her Son, and wanted it back. The mother was referred to the King’s court. It was then decided that the child should be handed over to one, to whom the child gets himself attracted. Sunanda brought with her attractive toys, tasteful sweets etc. and with great love moved towards the child showing great affection to him. But the child did not move an inch from his place. Then the monk Dhangiri took his Rajoharan (an instrument of Jayna and essential for the Jain Monks), and held it to the child and said, “If you know the real substance of life, if you are willing to rennunciate the world, then please hold this Rajoharan to wipe off your Karmas.” Even when he had not completed his sentence, the child moved to him, went to him sat in his lap and took the ‘Rajoharan’ and moved it like fen. The entire court of the king was stunned. Sunanda was in deep thought. Her husband, brother and a son now had renunciated the world. Now she also decided to follow the suit. Balmuni, the child monk, Vajra Swami was moving in a jungle. The Gods, thought of providing him food by some mysterious act. But the child monk Vajra Swami realised this mystery and refused to take the food. The gods, then as a token of their appreciation, provided him with two great Vidhyas – Vaikriya Labdhi and Akash Gamini (to move in the sky). Once when there was an acute famine in North India, Muni Vajra Swami took the whole ‘Sangh’ to Maheswari Puri with the help of this Vidhyas. Once when flowers were not at available here, Vajra Swami, through the help of this Vidhyas brought twenty lakhs of flowers in aircraft.

Acharya Vajra Swami was holy symbol of monk hood and strength. He passed away in Vikram Samvat 584. The Tenth Poorva and forty Sanhanan now got separated from us, with his sad demise. After his death, he is now remembered by the branch in his name Vajjishakha.

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