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Updated: Sep 28, 2020

We humans are the main cause of the destruction of earth. God has made more than 84 lakh types of species , but what we think is that we are the rulers. We have lost humanity. A country is affected by coronavirus , then it should have made a method to stop the spread and clear it within its boundaries. But as you can see the country wasn’t satisfied or it wanted destruction of the world. Millions of humans are killed . Humans are killing humans for their needs and satisfaction. This wasn’t started with coronavirus , but long ago ,when humans evolved. When humans evolved ,there was unlimited land space , so people started occupying them and making territories. After that when the population started increasing ,the fight for land started which continued till the end of world war 2 . Millions of humans were killed .

What we humans think about ourselves , we already wiped unlimited species for money and taste . Now we are down in the field to kill our own fellows . All humans are actually fellows to each other.

Enmity is something that someone who is against us is called an enemy , but we are actually wrong. Enmity comes only when we start classifying people into our fellows and enemies. If someone did something wrong against us ,then he becomes an enemy. Why ?

Why don’t we bring up new thoughts , take everyone as our own family members , after that you tell me if you have any enemies .Because fighting/killing wipes enemies , but love and affection wipes enmity . We are humans , we have many special powers given by god to us. Why don’t we make a correct utilization of the powers. Like we have the power to express emotions .No other species in this world has that power .We have developed so many things and made many inventions . Why don’t we start saving the world.

People are planning to shift to mars , planning to destroy one more planet , instead make earth a heaven . We have many ideas to workout , but we should take up the best ones that should be beneficial for all species. During the start of 21 st century we increased the level of pollution and deforestation . Now we are realizing . Why wait till destruction point. I still hope that there are some good people in this world. Lets become the change we want to see ..

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