Overwhelmed Brain!!!

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Tip top tip top , moves the clock arm , you are just sitting and still wasting time . Once you just think , you will always keep thinking . I still ask you why do you waste time in thinking , you know that you think up-to 60000-75000 thoughts every day . But you just don’t implement even 10 % . In such a case what can you do to utilize every second of the day ,till the end of the day. Anybody in this world can think , but as you know that implementing and executing all thoughts is just very difficult . I am not gonna tell something old or something like ” how to utilize your time?” , “ how to stop overthinking” if you want such recommendations/stuffs then you are on the wrong page .If you don’t want such content you can continue reading the amazing content that I will share with you today . Okay , its quite common , Overthinking happens in every person who has some goal . If you have a goal , you will of course keep thinking will you succeed or not , will it work out , will my investment fail , and many more nonsense thinking will come in your mind.

Lets understand from the basics what's the actual problem faced by you . So overthinking , where does it come from , do you think useful or non sense ? like people in India , are mostly concerned with their financial issues . This problem causes heavy overthinking as well as depression . It's very simple to always remain cool and without any hesitation take decisions , because of this you will be taking the least pressure of anything on your brain , so mostly there won’t be any waste thinking . Allocate a timing for your thinking . Most of the time what happens with people is that they start doing some important work and then suddenly some thought diverts them , this thought becomes a root of over thinking . Actually you can never stop thinking . One of the main things for solving any problem is over thinking . If the person who made the pen would have never imagined or thought such , we wouldn't have had a pen . The root cause should be plucked off . So next time you will think it is useful . There are two types of people in this world.

One who thinks and makes the thoughts useless or they just keep imagining and never use .But the second type of people are those who think to make use . So choose what you want to be .

And never forget that or mistake that overthinking causes problems . Not utilizing them causes problems in your daily life . You think about a time table and don’t implement it , then why the hell did you waste time on its design and plan .

I just say a last thing: Do anything you want , think anything you want ,but just think once before that your thinking makes sense and changes in your life ,will you attain your goal at that instance, or any shortcut to your goal will be found if you think.

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