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Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Don’t try to figure out anything wrong meaning or half meaning from the title .Yeah maybe you aren’t earning good , or you want to earn too much money then you just need to mail to the id jaintechofficial@gmail.com and you will be directed is more easier way for your business to flourish .


  1. Buy a domain

  2. Buy personalized mails

  3. Build a website

  4. Advertise

  5. Sell on Ecommerce websites

  6. International Shipping.

First what you have to do is create a mail id for your business . If you're interested in high investments even for mail id buy a personalized mail.

G Suite is the best option for a personalized cheap mail box ,with very high features . For a personalized email inbox you also need a domain name . To buy a domain name you can prefer google domains or go daddy , because their are the best. You should always make at least three personalized mails because one for your support/technical help , info for sales and your personal mail id as admin of the business mails . Rest is your choice if you want to give your workers separate mails .

After setting up the mails , you need to create a website , to create a website its very easy , but if you are not expert and you want to make a website for cheaper rates then mail to jaintechofficial@gmail.com for creating a website for cheaper rates. Here you will be offered many separate plans , where you can choose the best / customize your plans as per your needs. If you feel you can not maintain and keep the website updated , then you can take combo packs .

After taking any pack you will really feel free and your business website will be the best. Because we will hire the best people to edit according to your choices. The project may take upto 1 month time , as per the cost and size of the website.

Creating a website and selling online can be done by anyone , but becoming known to everyone takes time , to speed up the process and sales . You should advertise your website , when you start advertising people will come to know about you , at some point when their needs match your sales , they will remember you to purchase that . If you want to reach maximum people and you don’t want to waste too much of money , then leave it up to us , we will save your money to the best , and make your advertisement work very easy , that you don’t need to crawl in google for ads company ,where you will surely do some mistake and give it to a costly company for cheap advertisements . We will make the most reach of your business or website in the google search including Search Engine Optimization , alongside we will also choose the best content for your website if you take the content pack included in your website pack .

After that if you want to earn more , you will need to sell on ecommerce websites like Amazon , Google retail , Shopify , etc. many others that earn more than your monthly income. When you sell online , you become more famous for your quality service and your business turns into A big brand . This is actually awesome , when you turn into a business entity ,you can imagine and start execution by just mailing to: jaintechofficial@gmail.com .

Once you have created a website , and advertised the website , then there should be an outcome , just people visit your website and leave it as a loss for us . We need them to buy something from us so that we earn something. Even if you sell online you have to start international shipping , so that in any part of the world people who visit your website buy your products .

For more discounts : COMBOOFF20 Take this code and mail along the inquiry for pricings .Mail on:jaintechofficial@gmail.com ..

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