Never Doubt

Hello Guys , today we will see about a common problem faced by all . Don't try to judge any wrong meaning from the title .We humans are ultra speedy , because of our speed development in the fields of science and technology , we are facing an easy , comfortable and simple life .In this life you want everything to be done fast. So you will of course wish for fast judgements; that means whatever you see from your eyes you will believe you won't go deep into to find the actual problem that was faced by the opposite person and you will judge out the person how you feel . That means if there is player in opposite team who making the opposite team to win , he is wrong for you , he becomes and enemy for you. Why don't you think that he is also playing for one team , which also has supporters .

What you see from the eyes is always truth for you , "never judge anyone" , this has caused problems to big companies as well as problems in relations .

So I will explain you quickly why judging anyone is huge trouble . Once back into the time , there was a king; the king of Alwar , this king was walking through in the streets of the Mayfair area in London . He saw a Rolls Royce car showroom . He wanted to purchase an automobile for himself. As he entered the showroom he started looking out for the best car, but the manager of the showroom didn't consider that the king could afford a car .Since Indian Kings used to have a different attire , the manager though it was an old Indian poor man who simply came to irritate them .

Due to this Humiliations the king went to his hotel .He returned to his kingdom with the rage of revenging Rolls Royce . He ordered 10 cars of Rolls Royce . As they got delivered to him , he ordered the city municipality to utilize those cars for garbage cleaning of the city. Since Rolls Royce was known for its premium class it was famous . But when the news of Rolls Royce used as garbage cleaning vans in India spread among the people , all over the world . The people stopped buying Rolls Royce cars. This caused a huge loss for the company , since the manager not treat the king well because of his attire , A company faced loss of 50000 crores. So never Judge anyone .

If there is a situation of fight in a college ,and you were one of the main witnesses . The person who is found accused is your enemy . I know what you will do is put that person into huge trouble even he is not the faulty one. Just once think your self in place of him, even you have no fault ,you are being punished and revenged by someone for no reason . I say don't take any action without knowing the truth . Truth is the biggest change maker in the actions , it can rage you or melt you . Find the truth and then proceed , else you will also face some type of loss like Rolls Royce .


The example mentioned is a true life story and not a fake one. This is not to tease the company or anyone else . This is just taken as an example for teaching a lesson . If you don't like the Story or have any issues then post a comment : " Uncomfortable/Indigestible " , On this basis it becomes easy for us to make changes in the post or removing it .If yo like the story Please like the post.

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