Greedy World

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

In this world literally there is no one who does not run behind money. If anyone brings a new scheme double money in 45 days , people will rush like goats and buffalos to get that scheme , after that what happens is known to everyone , the company proves to be a fraud one . All the money invested in that is lost. This happened once in India . Some new company came up with this fraud idea . They passed the scheme that pays Rs. 2000 and got a new touch screen phone delivered to home. Thousands of people paid . After that what happened was the same . Thi scheme was mostly invested by poor people , middle class people and farmers. For them Rs.2000 is quite a high amount . And this was actually heart breaking on hearing , because of this many farmers had committed sucide because they couldn’t pay back the money .

We weigh relations with money . Rich people have many friends and relatives . Poor people neither have friends or relatives. People always have an eye on others' wealth and properties.Why does Human run behind money? We actually don’t know why we need money . Humans are very greedy . Once they get a certain amount they aren’t happy with the amount , they want more. Like if any person earns 3 lakhs per month then he always aims for 4 lakhs earning per month.

I will say one story to narrate how greedy humans are:

Once there was a man travelling in a nano car . On the same road ,on the left side of him there was a brand new bmw car waiting for the green signal . This man , the one in the nano car, starts thinking , I want to buy a bmw car . On the same road , on the right side of the nano car , there was a man on a bike . That man started thinking that , See this person has a car , I don’t even have a car , I want to buy a car .

The signal goes green and after that the biker goes , on the way a cycle rider saw, the biker . He started thinking , See he has a bike , I don’t even have a bike , I want to buy a bike . On the footpath there was a man walking . He started thinking the same after seeing the man riding a cycle. There was a building on its top ,a boy was staring at the road from the top . The boy started thinking on seeing the man on the footpath , see the man has freedom to go anywhere he wants .Humans are always unhappy with what they have , Humans are very Greedy . Try not to be too greedy, you can stop at some point once everyone in your family is happy and continue on the same field , don’t aim for too much , but never aim for nothing.

A person who earns 1 lakh aims for 5 lakhs , A person who earns 10 lakhs aims for 10 millions . But a person who has earned billions and is still aiming for trillions , then this aim turns into greed .It is like when you earn 100$ a day and aim for 1million $ a day . Greediness will make your ship sink . And you will never attain peace.Be the change you want to see in the world…

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