Goal deciding

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

All of us are actually blinded by the current methods of living in this world. We think that eating two times a day in a hotel , wearing costly clothes and apparels ,having a costly vehicle and electronic gadget in hand makes us look posh and successful . This all is actually a kind of nonsense ideologies and very old fashioned. The simpler lifestyle , the happier life . Because in the current world , people run behind success , instead they should run behind their goal . If you have a big goal , and you achieve it , then that is called success . Success is not earning money , name , fame or any other thing . But Success is something that actually means to achieve goals by following strict rules and ethics with hard work.

Now you might have a goal in your mind; as per i say start imagining /thinking. You should give at least 10 minutes to this process as this might be a drastic change bringing process in your achievement of goal.

The first question you should raise is “ What is my goal ?”

Take upto 2 minutes to decide and answer this question in your brain.

The second question that will automatically arise is “How will I achieve my goal ?’

You can take upto 1 minute to answer this question .

The third question is “Why have I chosen this goal ?’

This question’s answer is actually difficult so you can take your own time

The fourth Question is “ How much time do I have ?’

You have to set a time limit to achieve the goal , else there is success .

The last question is” When will I start working towards my goal ?“

Once you are done with the questions above then you can start working towards your goal , because after so much thinking and deciding if you still delay , this may end up in causing huge troubles in implementation . Too fast implementation is also a loss , whereas too delayed implementation is also a loss . Find the right timing to start working towards you goal . I f your hard work is there then may be your fate is good or bad but in the time limit or a few months/ years after the time limit is over you will still succeed . Hard work is the key to success.

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