Don't Play the fool

The world is now facing the most terrifying time. The problem is not any disease or virus . The problem is humans , the most horrible creatures on the earth. We have lost humanity , but still there is something called Trust. We decided to get down to become so cheap that we can sell our self respect , leave our attitude and now play the fool for your profits. This is a big issue .Not a big issue but an issue which had a good start , but may not have any end .

When do we trust someone ? when we have realized that , the person is worth to be believed ; we can rely on that person . At this point people get advantage , because you trust them. There is nothing going for the trust breakers because ,may be you don't trust , no one trusts the person , but due to this not getting trusted, will this damage him by anyway ;no .It is you who will face the consequences . It is you who relied on someone. It is you who can no more trust on someone else .We trust people because we have faith in them , But these humans have decided not to keep anyone happy or peaceful . So they do everything for own profits ,and try ignoring the waste promises by them and trusts on them . Humans like playing games and sports too much . Since they are bored with the sports and games , they have invented a new game ; "play the fool " or "Break the Trust ";

this game is so trending that there are so many live examples .

For example A wife cheating the husband , A policeman/officer selling internal secrets to the wrong hands , Getting money from someone as loan and then disappearing , cheating the business partners And many other things.

Playing with someone's trust is not appreciable ,while doing this you break their heart , you play with emotions . When you gain someone's trust either continue it or give it up , don't play with the emotions , may be its a profit or business for you , but the person whom you played with is now damaged internally . You will say " m I a saint or bhagwan , to take care of everyone's emotions ?" I say the why the hell do you take their trust , that time you will not think about them , you will just keep scrolling in the mind ;about the profits for you .When you gain trust you don't think while breaking it , Just feel for few moments; that i could have made more profits ; Humans have lost out their minds and Emotions . Beware , humans can go till any extent for profits in any terms , wither name , fame or money .

Just think once what happens if you trust someone and pay him 5 lakhs ,saying that he will return you 10 lakhs after 3 months . You see he has ran away . And that money was your lifetime savings , where will you go ? What will you do? That person would be enjoying with your money, but you will be facing many problems .

So think yourself at the place of opposite person before doing any injustice with the person .

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