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Updated: Oct 19, 2020

The most important things that you must have in your mind while attending any interview are Self-confidence , Calmness , Smartness and Attitude. These four attributes of a human can crack up any interview , because these are the main things that interviewers try to find in the person who came up for the interview. Self -confidence is the primary attribute .

I will explain why I am saying these as attributes . Because characteristics of all human are common like everyone has 6 senses , etc. But attributes means some hidden characteristics caused to come out by the self . So all people don’t get those characteristics , so lets prefer saying attributes.

Self -confidence , what is self confidence , trusting yourself ? or giving assurance of results from your abilities ? How can we define self confidence ? how to gain self-confidence?

These questions may actually help you to understand better . Self -confidence means Believe in yourself , don’t hope for good results always , but have that trust that you will get good results , Don’t hope that you won’t face failures , but try your level best . If you don’t have self confidence , bring it first then read ahead , else everything will go wrong and happen upside down.

Calmness , Most of the time many people get so panicked or nervous for interviews . Maybe its their first interview, or their hope to pass the interview . This nervousness causes Abnormal movements in the body , like sometimes you may end up giving wrong answers or sometimes movement of the body irritating the interviewers .Never panic , just be cool .

Smartness , this is one of the main reasons why people are rejected even after passing the first two attributes. Interviewers try to be too smart to reject you . This is a way to select the employees , where people smarter than interviewers are selected and rest are rejected. To pass this test , you wait for the question to be asked , once its asked take a deep breath . Meanwhile you get a chance or little time to think the smartest and easiest way to pass the test . Or if you are not that fast thinker , then take two minutes or listen to the question twice to thrice times to get the hidden smartest way from the question.

The last and most important attribute is attitude. Once interviewers ask for changing your lifestyle or clothing or put up their conditions that may cost changing attitude , then refuse that job . You can actually not live without attitude and self respect .When it comes to attitude and self respect , give up the job , Living with self respect may bring up many more better attractives jobs , but giving them up may make you eligible for that company , but not for all .

Follow the given rules you will crack upto all interviews you go for .

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