Bring Out The Talent

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

In this world there about 7.8 billion people , And each person has his own talent , now the problem is we have to bring out the talent in us outside , may be in some cases your teacher , parents ,guardians or someone else may help , but rest of the people ,you have to do it for your own .

Talent is a skill in which you're an expert/intermediate . But the first task that you have to do is find out what skill are you good at ? So when you have successfully found out the answer for this question , you will start through the journey .

Maybe finding out the skill may take you 4 days ,4 weeks , 4 months or even years . But if you work hard on the path where you are an expert , then you won’t take much longer . If you work to improve your talent , then you will get many benefits , that’s why teachers and educators give more importance to the talent of the student rather than grades . They may guide talented students to success . The benefits of working on improvement of your talent is that you will gain lots of name , opportunities coming from every corner of the world , you will be called to perform your skill on stages , you may also get paid for your skill and you will be happier even if there is a better job than your skill , where you were getting paid 1 lakh rupees per month . Maybe with your skill you will earn less , but the internal happiness is important to live , Your skill so you will perform it for yourself , other’s job , you will work only for money , where you will be unhappy , sad , overloaded with work and depressed with boss tortutre .

Money is not everything in life , money can bring anything in life but not happiness. Try finding out happiness . This happiness is found by you when you are doing something for yourself .You can get happiness everywhere ,, just try finding it out .Maybe you are happy from outside , are you really happy , ask this to your mind . The best way to get answers from your mind is asking it questions on questions . Keep asking , why is this happening , what should you do , what are the benefits , what are the losses etc keep asking yourself .

So now let's get back to the topic of how you will bring out your talent . To bring out your talent you will need to work at least 1 hour every day on it to just improve the skills. Improving the skills will make you master the talent . Now you have started working on your talent every day , but how will it be useful to you , just working on it and leaving is enough ?


What you have to do is start finding opportunities for the talents , like joining competitions , shows or other ways to express your talent outside , to show the world that you are something .Once you overcome Stage fears and start attending more and more of shows to express yourself , the more you will start to become famous identity as well you will try to correct the mistakes you made on the stage by working more .Make your own identity , that’s your talent .

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