Best Video Editing Software For You tube : Part 2

Hello Guys , Here we are with the professional editors that are paid as well as free on the internet . If you are a pro editor and want free software then you are on the right blog. So lets start without any time waste .


This is one of the easiest pro software on the net because it has an easy interface with the user . This is a paid software , but it has a free available for all . The free plan has many features , but people and reviews say that the paid version of the software is fantastic to use . For the free version only the water mark of filmora9 is the trouble . Water marks are something that act as an advertisement that is done without the wish of the video maker / editor . This watermarks makes it easy for the people to understand from where the video is made , increasing the sales for the company . This is an big disadvantage for the user , else this is one of the best user friendly software.

2) Windows movie maker

This editor is now no more available for download , but if you want this please mail to for the download file. Since illegal version of the editor is available , it is totally free . It is a starter cum pro editor that means this software offers a very high number of features , but it requires a basic skills to understand the use of the features offered by the editor. This editor has a very unique features that are now not offered by any editor , such as auto animated screens , and unique animations that are not there anywhere . This is also a very user friendly as well it offers features to directly stream your video on your desired platform without any problem of exporting and reuploading it on the platform.

3)Minitool Movie Maker

This editor is said to be an legal and upgraded version of the Windows movie maker. This editor offer more features than the windows movie maker and the use of this software is very easy . It is a combination of Filmora9 and Windows movie maker , that makes it more efficient and easy.

4)Adobe Premiere Pro ( By Adobe)

This is the best editing software on the internet . This software has no free versions because of its highly advantageous features and demand in the market . The software costs around a Rs.20000 for a year . That's too costly but it is used by those who have got themselves trained for the software and are having daily use of it in their life . Like freelancers use it , youtubers use it and other people who create their own trailers and edited videos . The editor offer extremely good and the best features . As the cost is high people question is it worth buying so costly editor for the price offered by the company . I say yes the software is more than the worth of cost . The cost is actually very low as per the features and user friendly interface offered by Adobe . The cost of the most of the software offered by Adobe is high because of its quality of service and demand .

5) After Effects (By Adobe)

This is another software that is offered by Adobe , this editor is for those who want to animate their videos , and other features that are the same as Adobe Premier Pro .

This is also an highly pro editor which requires training before use , because it is not easy to use any professional software just without knowing the features of the editor . The quality of this editor is too high . The software is a paid one and doesn't offer any free service . This software also costs around Rs20000 a year .

6)Filmora pro

This is another software that is offered by Wondershare. It is also highly user friendly as well very easy to use. This software has a free plan that has a watermark on every video you make , whereas the pro version is the best of the software offered by wondershare. The pro version is very costly like the Adobe editors .

For more better free and paid editors in our next post , we are still researching for the best ones for you . Login into our free membership to receive daily notifications about our posts .

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