Best Video Editing Software For You tube : Part 1

Most of the software on the net are paid and they don't offer premium features on free plans . So today I will show you software which will be easy to use and are the most used ones.

Video editors are of two types . One is professional video editors and Beginners Video editors. So First we will see all the beginner video editors .

Benefits of Beginner Video Editors:

1) It is very easy to use , anyone can use ;there is no requirement of learning about the editors .

2)They offer making own backgrounds in the editor itself ; that means you can choose any color background and add any animation style to it.

3)They take very less time to convert the video into Mp4 or any supported format .

4)There are some basic songs and animation already provided with the editors.


1) It has very limited amount of animations.

2) The backgrounds made with the editors are only made of one single color .

3) These video editors make a slideshow only , that means you add some videos and pictures into one single video , but it will be like a slideshow and not a video.

4)There are some bad features that will come into notice when you use , please comment here if you find any .

So lets start

1)Video Editor (By Microsoft)

This is the best beginner video editors because it has most of the features that are required by any starter , The editor also offers many types of animations , as well as text animations and Screen Water marks also . The software is free to use and it is pre-installed with windows 10 .Download options for this software is still not made available by Microsoft .

2)iMovie (By apple)

This software is one of the best beginners video editors . This is also free but it is available for Mac users only . The editor is also same as the video editor by microsoft.

3)Adobe Spark ( By Adobe)

This is the best easy videos editor because it has some features that make it like a pro editor , You can divide your screen into two halves , that means you can have two videos or Pics going on at the same time . The paid version of this editor offer premium backgrounds and many more features. This editor is some what pro cum beginners editor because it has pro skills required to understand the editor .

4)Adobe Premiere Rush (By Adobe)

This is also one more free editor that is offered by Adobe . This editor is purely for making edit less vlogs , because this has only some features , like making a pure slideshow of video. This software is completely free , there are many disadvantages of this editor because the features offered by this are very basic and almost useless for any person who wants to have good videos to be uploaded on their own channel .


This editor is a paid one , but offer most features on free one . This editor is also a pro cum starter one. It offers so many features such as inbuilt backgrounds , stickers , text fonts , animations and songs . This editor is not available for pc as a official one , but it can be used on a android or iOS emulator such as Bluestacks , Nox . Using this editor is quite easy , but to get the best outcomes some training is required . The tutorials of this editor are required to understand what is used for what and where we get what feature. This editor is used mostly by beginners on Youtube . The cost of the paid version of this software is around 5000Rs a year.

6) Powerdirector

This is one of the waste editors on the internet , because it is very difficult to understand this editor . Till now in all of the above editors I recommend you the video editor by Microsoft , After that still you feel you want a better one go for Kinemaster/Adobe Spark , but please don't use this editor , mostly this software is used by only some people in the world who were able to understand this editor very well , else its on you to use t or not.

Thats all for today because you will surely like any of the given editors . If you feel that you want to know about the pro software read our next post . Comment about which editor you liked.

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