Best methods to Earn Online -Part 2

If you haven't read the previous post, then this post will just be like playing flute in-front of a bull. So I recommend you to go right now , spend 3 minutes to understand this post.

So in last post we have seen three ways to earn online. Today we will see the other 2 ways to earn online .

4) Create your own website

Creating a website is quite easy and cheap . But the question that raises is "What's your website about?" Because since there are millions of websites , you are gonna join the race defeat some websites in your field. But the content of your website should be completely unique one ,because if your content is copied one , there will be a owner of the data from whom you copied , if he is not earning , then possibly you get a chance to earn , else no person would pay you for just copy pasting someone's hard work.

Keep in your mind that :

1) Your content should be unique

2)Your website shouldn't be a professional site like a school , online institute or Hospitals or any other professional works .

3)You need to have enough content for visitors

4)You need to get at least 10k viewers every month.

If you follow the rules given above then you will surely earn about a 5-17$ every thousand views . So totally you will earn around 100$-170$ for just 10k views. Whereas yo will earn 1000$-2000$ if you gain 1 lakh viewers .And if you successfully get 1Million views then you will earn 10000$-25000$. The earning depends on number of unique visitors and content of your website.

5) Create An online store

This method is one of the easiest method to earn without any extra hard work . In this method what you do is ask factories /manufacturers to produce the designs for all kinds of materials you have decided to sell , eg : Clothing and apparels , Stationary , Accessories . In this you have to ask either for production on demand/each sale or prepaid production. You have to make the best and cheapest Designs which get easily sold . Once if you create such an store , it takes at least 100 days for your store to get set . once you get good profits and Name , automatically you can start your own walk-in stores for the customers .

In this you get profits on each sale . Like 1-100$ on each sale . So on just 100o sales every week , you will earn 2500$-1lakh $ every week . And it increases as reach of your store to the people increases .

For this method read our next posts to understand better or go the classes and booking center , please book an free appointment of 40 mins - 1hour with our experts.


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