Best Methods To earn Online -Part 1

The world is running behind profits , earn money , money and money . Today I will show you the best methods to earn online and how much will be your estimated earnings in each method .

Earning online is not an easy task , rather it consists of smart work and demand . If there is demand of your content then you will be enjoying the good face of earning , else you need to change your content or field . The top 5 most ways to earn are :

1) create your own YouTube channel .

This the most famous way to earn . In this method your content and quality will be mattering more than your hard work . Content in the sense you should put videos on the platform that are with the trend , which are hot topics , which are mostly gonna attract a huge crowd towards your channel . Quality is the most important factor that will decide the content to go hit or failure . Because you need to have an good quality of camera for good video quality , you need to choose good setup , you need to avoid many other wrong things . If your content is good and videos are superb , views will automatically come to you . For more about this field , read our upcoming blogs.

Your estimate earnings for the month depends all on your qualification for Earning program . That means If you get 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours only then you are eligible to earn . Because of huge number of people in the world are trying to earn through this platform , this rule is kept to keep onetime earning out of the program , like people make one superb video , earn lakhs for that and then close the channel .To prevent this problem this rule is kept . 4000 watch hours means , 240,000 minutes of watch hours ,if you release one Video of 10 minutes , your total number of views on the video multiplied with the number of total watch time of the video ,then if you get 24000 views on that video or totally at least more than 40000 views on your channel ,only then you will get 4000 watch hours.

Once you qualify for this program , your estimate earnings per month will be 500$ to 1000$ if you successfully get 1 lakh views. So if you get a million view every month , you will earn 6000$-15000$ every month .YouTube pays 3-10$ for every thousand views on each video.

2) Freelancing

This is one of the most trending methods on the internet because people don't have time to edit or create photos ,posters , websites , videos , trailers or ads for their works . So these people hire people to do this work . The people who get hired are called freelancers . Normally there is amount of time given for the work t be done . You need to have experience the field to do freelancing . Now there are many websites were you can apply to become a freelancer. There is bidding done , like a company posts for a video trailer project of 5 mins with the budget of 300$ . Freelancers give their price to the company , the company chooses the budget that is suitable for it and hires the person .

Here after the hiring process you get the advance , after the work is done you get the rest of the money . if you do 1 project for 2 days , each project worth 150-400$ , then your average income every month is gonna be 2500-6000$ .

This is quite easy to earn because only on skills the earning increases . At starting earning remains up to 60000$ for each year for two years . But when more people work under the same name , like turning the work into a freelancing company , the income multiplies.


This field is quite hard working field , if you work less then your earning is obviously gonna be less , because if you start lagging content and views , the payouts for the Ads and views will decrease. You need to work more hard here . People must be attracted from your content . And in a year you should have at least 5000 to 50000 posts with good amount of content in it . Then automatically your website will be visited by someone at some place or some search . Then what happens is you will gain more views and your blogging ranking increases , only then your income will increase and if your ranking has increased then automatically money and views come running towards you .

For blogging , I recommend you to have at least 150-500 posts ready before releasing them . Once you start You should release at least 2 -3 topics a day. And till you release 600 topics go on with the same speed , once you release 600 posts, you change the speed to 1 content per day if the viewers are more , and 2 contents per day if viewers are growing .Keep a goal of at least 500 posts every month .

Your average earning for 1000 visits or views on your blog posts or page is gonna be 3-15$ . So you should have minimum of A lakh viewers every month, so you earn at least 300$-1500$ every month. And more viewers will increase the amount of pay per view . So if you get 3 million viewers every month , you will get 10-25$ Every 1000 views , so your earning every month will be 10000$ to 25000$ .

Read our nest Posts to know about the remaining methods of earning online.

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