Beautiful Earth

Lets get back into the time . You will see the actual beautiful Earth . The place where creatures lived happily . Once you visualize that earth , you will be in nostalgia , you will get intoxicated by the nature's eyeful . The adoration towards the nature will come out , you will see the warmth of happiness everywhere . This was the condition of the nature before the raise of the creatures named Humans . Today we will just adore the nature and the mother earth .

With the endless amount of clean water , with fishes diving deep into the sea , swimming upto the warm shores to enjoy the warmth of hot waters . The sea cycle was going on well with no fishes extinct . The animals gushing here and there , the forests were endless along the land , the animals used to live untroubled and safe . The baby elephants playing with its chums ,splattering on and running around the parents . The deer and the co were so indulged in drinking the clean water to make up its stamina and health. The baby hippo takin a intensive bath in the lake by sitting on the body of parent hippo.

Visualize the scenery and get into the nostalgia . This is quite amazing and interesting , when you start thinking about your future or past . The tall green trees , the shaggy bushes and exuberant creatures . This all made the Earth , a perfect combinations of a magnificent world .

The insects chirping , the roars of the lions , the sweet melody sung by the Cuckoo , the crunchy sounds of animal movements made forests a heavenly place to live . Our ancestors used to live in forests , but due to the development of insecurity , the humans started to build houses and colonies . Whenever I feel tensed I start going into the past , where I have never been to , I have never existed , but I am able to feel the sounds of river running peacefully , I am able to hear the sounds of the calm nature . Are you able to ? If yes comment down . Have a great day.

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