5 Changes that you should bring

There are lots of changes in the climatic conditions of our earth. As per the climate reports ,9 out of 15 main components that effect the earth's climate have declined. The Earth is soon gonna be without life within a decade or 2 . The climatic conditions were said to repairing in the corona lockdown period, but due to reopen all the repair is getting damaged again .The earth is now facing melt downs of tons of ice bergs . This will cause huge tides and increase in the sea level . Because of which low lying costal areas will sink and cities like Mumbai ,New York , Tokyo will get vanished from the maps.

There are many changes that are required currently , but it is not possible by humans to re correct all mistakes at on instance. So today we will see 10 changes that you can make to contribute to the redevelopment of the earth .

1) The first change that we should implement is saving electricity . Electricity is wasted on a huge basis . There is huge story behind the supply of electricity to your home . In such a case you waste electricity , this is not good . You may be rich to pay any amount on the bill . But then instead of wasting electricity and then paying money for that , you can pay the bills for poor or at least try feeding them. Try charging your phone only once a day , Make it 100% at the night after that use it till it comes till 1 % , and don't charge the phone this will save huge amounts of electricity if many people implement .Reduce the use of refrigerators and microwave Owens , reduce the use of roasters and vending machines like coffee vending machine , chocolate vending machine etc . This all will save huge amounts of electricity You save 20% of electricity ,then it will contribute to the earth , don't take earth as a planet , take it as your home .

Conclusion : Save Electricity to maximum extent

2)Use only one SIM card . People are now having a craze for buying latest phones . With that they buy two sim cards . Even one sim card may be enough for them but they want to have the second one for namesake . Each sim card you use has killed at least one bird . In case if all switch to one sim card then may be to some extent the birds get saved , its literally not possible to sacrifice both cards . If you are able to do that please do . Humans don't know what will if there are no birds. The earth will become an dangerous place. Because birds are the most important part of the Food cycle of the Earth . If the birds vanished from the earth , then the insects on the earth will double up killing all plants ,animals and humans. Even if insects can't kill humans , humans will die because there won't be any food left for humans to eat . Its a horrible scene to imagine .

Conclusion : Save birds , use one sim card.

3) Say No to plastic . If we still don't stop the use of plastic then humans and animals both will get into intense trouble . because you know that plastics of even the lowest quality have an lifespan of 400 years when dumped . Then you can think for the quality we use how many years can the bag survive . If we humans stop plastic use on our own , then the change will go well , if the government makes it mandatory then the people take it as a job . We should stop use of plastic from the heart . The plastics have already taken a huge amount of lands for dumping purpose , it has killed many humans and fishes due to intoxication of oceans . The plastics has caused formation of many gases that were no there on earth before , and these gases are so harmful that it takes seconds for taking any life. Plastic was invented to save papers , but now we humans are in deep trouble. If we stop use of plastics , then for some products we have paper products as alternatives , but to make paper bags it takes a lot of water and trees . We are stuck . If we want to prevent any such huge problems , stop production of plastics , keep reusing the plastic products to the maximum limit of their life span , so the use of paper bags is also stopped and reuse of plastics will make the plastic automatically weak in some 20-30 years . Till that keep using the same plastic bag . Don't be ashamed of people that they will tease you or speak about your activities . Let them speak , you get an opportunity to return al least something to the mother earth .

Conclusion : Re use plastics , don't dispose them , Don't use paper bags / Paper products .

4) Try to plant at least 2-3 plants in your home . Indoor plants are found to be highly beneficial to the humans and the nature . Because health condition of human decides his wealth and other activities . If a person breathes fresh air even in the house , then he is the most safest person . So try to have plants inside your house , in some corner of your house and not balcony or exterior place . These plants will make you house pollution free , if every house becomes pollution free and filters air , then the pollution amount in the world will be decreased at high rate .These indoor plants can be kept in offices , Showrooms , and many other places.

Conclusion : Have Indoor Plants at possible places.

5)Try to reuse the organic wastes , if you have a plant in your house , then you can re utilize the organic waste , this will reduce the problem of disposing wastes. It becomes easy for the cleaners and the municipality , to directly take away the inorganic waste . If you use organic waste for your plants then the growth of the plant will be healthy , the use of fertilizers won't be there .That means fruits and flowers from the plant are gonna be original and chemical free . So you will save money by growing the required fruits and vegetables at home , you save time by not going to any store or market .

Conclusion : Reuse the organic waste in any way.

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