4 Tips for your YouTube Channel

YouTube is the world's largest platform for streaming your videos . In such cases there are millions of YouTube channel . So today we will see how to keep your channel ranked on the top on all crisis . Here we are with 4 Tips for your YouTube channel.

1)Keep Your content Updated Daily :

Once you have started a YouTube channel , you need views , for views you need more subscribers , because subscribers are the returning viewers on your channel and we cannot take the risk of losing them . All subscribers need a reason to return to you channel . So there should be an interesting updated content on Your Channel , that should be put on daily basis for continuous and good earning . If you content is on demand , then don't lose the demand by putting content daily which will lose the value of your channel . Put 1 video every 3 -7 days if content is on demand . Else continue putting 1-2 videos every day .

Content Updating means putting videos on the related hot topics on daily basis to keep the video on trending for your channel. More videos on the channel , more the subscribers of your channel .

2)Standard Quality of the Video:

Quality is the most important thing that's gonna matter , if your quality of video is bad , then you will start losing subscribers . Quality of the video in the sense editing of the video , audio effects and quality , Visual effects and quality . If your Camera is not good , then prefer not uploading any video on YouTube unless you have the courage to bare the insults . Bad quality causes the viewer to exit in just few seconds of the visit . Next comes is Audio quality , if you have good camera still you must conduct your recording and editing in a calm place , there must not be sounds of fan or any other disturbance , this causes loss of viewers slowly . But the end will be heavy and painful by bad audio effects on your viewers , they will stop watching your videos regularly , then it becomes monthly once , after that they forget about you . So keep the quality .


If your voice is not good, please get help from someone else for speaking the scripts , don't speak with harsh or irritating voices , because the voices matters the tone recolonization by the viewer , if your voice is harsh , even when you will be speaking softly , it will cause them to leave the video at that instance . And please don't try using robots or online speaking tools , those ones are more irritating and useless.

These robots actually won't have that efficient interacting tones , which will actually internally disturb you even when you listen them for a minute. So the option to make the channel sink is voice or robotic voice . I don't say that your voice is not good , is it sweet and soft that falls into the ears of the viewer and makes him melt down to subscribe your channel?

4)Video Editing

The editing of you video should be upto the level of content to get more views . For example if you narrate a story just using slideshow , then the user may not be happy , but when you create an animation for that story it will attract the user . Editing should be preferred using professional software and not the slideshow makers . If you have money buy a pro software and learn it and use , if you don't have money ,learn free one and use them .Video editing deeply means the interaction that you do with your viewers ,they way you want to satisfy them for watching , and continue watching everyday .If you don't know what software to be used please read my previous posts .

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